First book Review?

Ok, so I was going to work on reviewing the books posted in my reading list. However, my mother gave me a ton of books to read and on my way back home I read an entire 3 book series. It’s the Parasitology series by Mira Grant. Check out it’s goodreads page here. Anyway, I loved these books. I’m personally fairly into the apocalyptic type of book so it was really up my ally.

Basic summary: I don’t want to give anything away. We follow primarily through Sal, a woman who survived an extremely bad car wreck. She was pronounced brain dead and woke up at the last second. Shortly after we meet her, we discover that the majority of the text takes place 6 years later, when she witnesses a “sleepwalking sickness.” Over the course of the books you discover what’s going on and it’s super interesting. It brings up some post-modern ideas pretty well and I love it.

Favorite Thing: Anyway, perhaps the most relevant thing to this is that it’s got diversity up the ass. These books note the race of several characters, with a number of them being POC. Sal’s boyfriend for example is mixed, part Korean and part Caucasian. There is at least one character that would be labeled as bi/pan/omni. It doesn’t explicitly say, just that they have sex with men and women. It addresses fluid gender a little but not much, and, it openly talks about gender dysphoria. There’s a character that for reasons I won’t tell you because spoilers but is essentially a trans man, and it talks about how he just knows why he’s the way he is. It also has a moment where the fact that it really upsets him that he’s constantly misgendered is a problem and that simply by using the right pronouns for a person you can earn a lot of respect. I thought that was cool personally. There may be problematic aspects of the text which I will someday address in a more formal, spoiler containing review. For now, I think that this will work.

Verdict: If you like apocalyptic books I think this one is worth the time. I didn’t find it difficult personally, though if you have read it and disagree feel free to let me know. I don’t have a formal scale so I can’t score it, but I would say that it’s good. It’s not my favorite thing I’ve read but I genuinely enjoyed it. I’d maybe hazard a guess at 7/10.


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