Solidifying the Intangible: Also known as planning

I’m in the middle of a lot of personal growth and exploration right now. Some of it welcome, and some, not so much. I am currently single for the first time in nearly 4 years, which is bizarre to think about. That’s thrown a bit of a curve into everything. I also visited my mother fairly recently. For background she lives in Minneapolis, MN. I went there partially because I wanted to get a real feel for the city before I made a decision on how seriously I wanted to pursue getting my graduate degree(s) there. I now basically only want that, so that’s lovely. However, being there has also helped make me think more seriously about what exactly my plans are. I plan on getting a Masters degree in both Psychology and Feminist Studies. I also plan on doing everything possible to get an internship with either a LGBT+ oriented organization or with HCMC (and/or related clinics). I want to work as a counselor with LGBT+ youth. I’m going to help people deal with the challenges our community faces as well as help them access recourses to help them out. That’s will probably largely consist of helping Trans* individuals seek legal, medical, and other forms of care but will also involve a number of other issues. I’m really excited for that, but I also have a lot of stuff to work though involving my mental health. I wish this was happening after I was already settled in Minneapolis because I know I’ll just have to change counselors and everything again in a year. My previous counselor moved to Oregon and is now unavailable, so I’ll be starting fresh, only to have to again in a year. Anyway, my life is very out of control right now and so I’m focusing on solidifying the aspects of my intangible future that I have a change at actually affecting so I have something to ground me. Take care 🙂


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