Steph Sanjati: Internet Personality and LGBT+ Role-Model

So, this may be partially a reach for views, but I don’t care because I’m not lying at all. I have within the last year or so been working through the majority of Steph’s YouTube Videos. I’ve gone back far enough that I’ve seen her before she came out as Trans. Watching her videos have helped me a lot with figuring out what I want to do and how to do it because she’s helping me understand the struggles that people in a more visible aspect of the LGBT+ community feel. As an asexual person I don’t deal with a lot of the same hatred, I see more erasure and less outright harassment. Both suck to deal with, but it’s very helpful to watch someone explain what they go through. Her positivity and perseverance are also very inspiring.

She grew up in a small town in Canada, I’m not sure what province. She was at first bullied as a result of having a rare condition called Waardenburg Syndrome. It’s an essentially harmless condition that results in a peculiar look that resulted in her being harassed as a kid. Then puberty hits and suddenly she’s faced with a number of challenges. Obviously some of these weren’t as sudden as I mean to imply, but they start being more and more problematic. She’s effeminate, she’s into men, and she’s experiencing what she would later recognize as Dysphoria. At first she assumes that she’s a gay male. That’s reasonable considering that she has zero exposure to the Trans* community at that point. She moves away from her town as soon as possible because she’s treated like garbage there. It’s a time after moving to Toronto that she comes to the realization that she’s not gay, she’s a Trans Woman. She, already a popular YouTuber comes out and continues with life, only as a female.

I really enjoy watching her grow and be happier as her dysphoria is being treated through her transition, she’s also much more happy with her life as a whole now, which is fantastic. She’s also very open about her struggles, gender related and otherwise. She inspires me to work through my own, admittedly very different, struggles. I often will go and watch a video of hers when I’m depressed about something and it helps me get a different outlook and I love it. I enjoy following her development.

I can promise you that I’m not doing her an ounce of justice in this little snapshot, but she’s a hero of mine and I wanted to devote a space on this blog to her. I’m considering doing this as a bit of a series by finding various popular YouTubers that are active in the LGBT+ community and giving them a spotlight. Hopefully if I do this, then potential followers will have somewhere they can go in order to find role-models for themselves. I will probably start with people that I’ve seen Steph Collaborate with and branch out slowly from there.


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