Welcome to Only Slightly Sexual. For context, I am an asexual, non-binary (still questioning the specifics, just not a transguy or a cisgender female) individual. I’m currently getting my Bachelors degree in Psychology at a small town college in Nebraska. After I graduate I’m moving to Minnesota and will hopefully be beginning my Masters program within the first two years of living there. The primary goal is to become a gender/sexuality oriented therapist, educator, and advocate.

With this blog I will be exploring and developing my own understanding of gender and sexuality. Humans are complex, and we’ve been living in a society that strictly enforced norms that not everyone is capable of fitting. The problem is we’ve spent so long assuming that people fit, and brutally forcing them to to if they don’t, that we don’t really understand the nuances of gender and sexuality. It’s complicated. I’ve personally run across amazing ways of explaining it but you still can’t say what exactly gender is. I certainly can’t. I’m not denying that it exists, it’s there and it influences people’s lives on a daily basis, but I can’t sit there and say “This makes you a boy, ” all I can do is say “This makes me think you’re a boy, is that correct?” And often we’re wrong. Attraction isn’t much less complicated because there’s technically more than one kind of attraction, and they all interact with social customs and our personal relationships to create a very individualized understanding of sexuality.


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